Sanitary Sewer Overflows

If you observe a sanitary sewer overflow in Rancho Palos Verdes, please call (310) 521-3523 to report it.

Recommend Best Practices for Maintaining Sewer Laterals

Residents are reminded that it is a property owner’s responsibility to inspect, repair and maintain his or her own private sewer lateral. It is recommended that private sewer laterals be inspected and repaired upon any of the following occurring:

  • Transfer of ownership of the property if no inspection/replacement of the sewer lateral occurred within ten (10) years prior to the transfer:
  • The occurrence of two (2) or more Sanitary Sewer Overflows caused by the private sewer lateral within two (2) years;
  • A change of the use of the structure served (a) from residential to non-residential use, (b) to a non-residential use that will result in a higher flow than the current non-residential use, or (c) to non-residential uses where the structure served has been vacant or unoccupied for more than three (3) years;
  • Upon replacement of repair of any part of the sewer lateral;
  • Upon issuance of a building permit with a valuation of $50,000 or more.


Jurisdictions report sewer overflows through the California Integrated Water Quality System Project. Additional information can be found on their web site at CIWQS