Planning Commission

Overview and Mission Statement

Pursuant to the city’s Development Code, certain development applications are reviewed and decided upon by the city’s Planning Commission. The Planning Commission was established through the adoption of Ordinance Number 80 (PDF) on December 2, 1975, which was most recently amended through Ordinance No. 550 (PDF) on November 19, 2013.

By ordinance, the seven member Planning Commission makes decisions on specific private land use planning applications such as subdivision maps, variances, and conditional use permits; reviews environmental assessments, such as Environmental Impact Reports and Negative Declarations; makes decisions on view restoration permits; and considers appeals of staff decisions on land use planning applications.

Commission Members

The Planning Commission is made up of 7 city residents appointed by the City Council for staggered 2- or 4-year terms. The Planning Commission meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Hesse Park Community Room, 29301 Hawthorne Boulevard.  Click here to view the Agenda and Minutes.
Contact Information:

Commission Member Term Limits

Name Term
David Bradley, VICE-CHAIR 02/16/2016 12/03/2019 02/16/2016 Dec. 2023
William J. James, CHAIR 02/20/2018 12/07/2021 03/04/2014 Dec. 2021
Gordon Leon 02/20/2018 12/07/2021 02/11/2010 Dec. 2021
Robert A. Nelson
Phone: 310-544-4632
02/16/2016 12/03/2019 02/21/2012 Dec. 2023
Stephen Perestam 02/20/2018 12/07/2021 02/20/2018 Dec. 2025
Lan Saadatnejadi 02/20/2018 12/07/2021 02/20/2018 Dec. 2025
VACANT 02/16/2016 12/03/2019    

Term Limits

Term limits apply to those Planning Commissioners appointed after November 19, 2013, per Ordinance No. 550 (PDF).