General Plan Update

Project Planner: So Kim, Deputy Director/Planning Manager
Contact Information: / (310) 544-5222
  1. 3/27/2018
  2. Technical Studies
  3. 8/2/2016
  4. 5/10/2016
  5. 1/26/2016
  6. 12/8/2015
  7. 9/22/2015
  8. 8/11/2015
  9. 6/23/2015
  10. 4/14/2015
  11. 3/10/2015
  12. 2/24/2015
  13. 8/27/2013
  14. 7/23/2013
  15. Hazard Areas
  16. Active/Passive
  17. 6/14/2012

April 26, 2018 City Council Meeting 

On April 26, 2018, the City Council will consider the recommendation forwarded by the Planning Commission to approve the updated General Plan and the Land Use Map with certain edits to the document and amending the land use designation for Gateway Park as Passive-Recreation. The City Council will also consider certifying the associated environmental document.

The clean copy of the General Plan includes all updates proposed by the Steering Committee, Planning Commission, and Staff. Please ignore the Table of contents as the page numbers do not correspond at this time. Please refer to the page numbers shown at the bottom right corner of each page.

The proposed General Plan Land Use Map includes the Eastview area, all City Council approved land use changes since 1975 and Commission approved changes to date.  

To view the Technical Studies, please click on the 'Technical Studies' tab to the left.

NOTE:  The Planning Commission and Steering Committee’s approved changes to the General Plan and its Land Use Map are considered “Draft” as they represent “Recommendations” to the City Council.  Once the Planning Commission completes its review, the next step is to take all Planning Commission “Recommendations” to the City Council in a public hearing wherein the City Council would be responsible for making the final decision on any changes to the General Plan.

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