Green Hills Memorial Park Master Plan

Project Planner: So Kim, Deputy Director/Planning Manager
Contact Information: / (310) 544-5222 
  1. 2018 Annual Review
  2. Area 2
  3. 2017 Annual Review
  4. Arroyo Vista
  5. Bathroom & Info Booth Addition
  6. Gravestone Monuments
  7. PC 3/28/2017
  8. CC 1/31/2017
  9. CC 9/20/2016
  10. CC 8/2/2016
  11. CC 7/19/2016
  12. CC 5/17/2016
  13. CC 4/2/2016
  14. CC 3/15/2016
  15. Inspiration Slope Earth Interments
  16. Inspiration Slope Ret. Wall
  17. CC 11/17/2015
  18. CC 9/1/2015
  19. Area 5
  20. PC 5/12/2015
  21. PC 7/22/2014

City Council to Conduct an Annual Review

The February 5, 2019 City Council meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of quorum. Green Hills annual review has been tentatively rescheduled for April 2nd. 

Click here to view the Notice of Cancelled Meeting

Click here to view the Public Notice

Click here to view the Staff Report (scroll down to Public Hearing Item No. 1)

Green Hills Master Site Development Plan (setback information notated by Staff on January 22, 2016 per City Council Resolution 2015-102)

Conceptual Site Plan (setback information provided by Staff on January 22, 2016)
Click here for an enlarged PDF version of the above site plan.

Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) Meeting

List Server Group

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