Traffic and Roadway Programs

Cell Site Activity

The right-of-way engineering team is actively involved in the proliferation of cell sites within the City.  Cell sites go through a rigorous approval process before they can be installed or upgraded.  The most recent report on activity can be found here.

Sidewalk Program

To Report a Problem
If this is an emergency call 911

For downed trees in the roadway, call RPV Public Works at 310-544-5252

For dead animal pickup, call LA County Animal Control at 310-523-9566

 For missing or downed street signs, call RPV Public Works at 310-544-5252 

Traffic Signals and Signs

Trees and Medians

 City-owned street trees and medians are also within the purview of the right of way engineering team.  Medians are maintained by City and contracted crews.  Street trees are also maintained by a contracted arborist subject to the City Council approved Street Tree Maintenance Policy.