Summer Camps/ Classes information

Below you will find the classes going on at our park facilities, please be advised that the following classes / summer camps are only held at the city's facilities but the City does not provide these classes, therefore further information and details about these classes should be followed with the respective instructor of the class/Summer camp. 

Class/Summer camp name
Park where it is held
Instructor contact information
Silver spursRyan Park310-265-1291
Beach Head LacrosseRyan ParkMarissa Hewitt
Summer Sport campRyan ParkTom Maier

Nightmare softballRyan Park310-995-2005
U.S. Youth Volleyball
Ryan Park
Simmer Thyme Cooking
Ryan Park

Tanika Rountree | 310-945-6495

Other Recreational classes
Recreational classes

Simmer Thyme Cooking