Ladera Linda Park Master Plan

The City has begun a master plan process for Ladera Linda Park, including a new community center and park design. 

Ladera Linda Park and Community Center Project

City Council approved the Master Plan on August 20, 2019. 

Click here for the August 20th Staff Report

Click here for August 20th PowerPoint Presentation

December 17, 2019 - Contract Amendment/Conditional Use Permit (CUP) CEQA

On Tuesday, December 17th, the City Council extended the contract for Johnson Favaro, architect for the Ladera Linda Community Center Master Plan. The extension will allow the consultant to complete the current contract as well as assist in processing the entitlements and environmental document pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

LL Roof: City Council considered roof options for proposed new Ladera Linda building. Council directed staff to research and return with solar roof options. Click here for the 10-15-2019 staff report

LL workshop 7.10.19

Over 100 people, mainly from HOAs adjacent to the park, attended the July 10th workshop at Ladera Linda.

Click here to see the PowerPoint presented that evening by the Architecture/Design firm Johnson Favaro 

Staff and Johnson Favaro met in February and again in June with representatives from Homeowner’s Associations (HOA’s) adjacent to the park, individual residents, councilmembers and Los Serenos Docents. The February meetings were exploratory sessions and the meetings in June were designed to elicit feedback to a draft design. 

July 10th Meeting

Wednesday, July 10th at 7:00 pm at Ladera Linda Park MPR Room located at 32201 Forrestal Drive. 

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July 10th Ladera Linda Project Workshop Summary and Review of Security/Usage/Staffing 

A number of concerns/issues were raised during the July 10th workshop that Staff would like to address in advance of the August 20th City Council Meeting.

The level of public engagement at the workshop, in addition to the numerous smaller meetings in February and June, was impressive.  Below is a link to a workshop summary. This summary is also posted on the LL Master Plan project web page, along with both typed-up and hand-written versions of the group exercise pages and comments. The issues and differing viewpoints expressed at the workshop regarding security, the number of rooms, and Forrestal Reserve parking, will also be included in the August 20th City Council Staff Report.

Click here for July 10th Workshop Summary

Click here to see typed workshop group exercise pages 

Click here to see typed workshop comment cards

Click here to see copies of hand-written group exercise pages

Click here to see copies of hand-written workshop comment cards

Concerns have also been raised about security, rentals, and staffing.  Below are links to a security analysis of the project, detailed proposed park usage and rental restrictions, and proposed staffing hours with a comparison to other City facilities.

 Click here for a Security Analysis

 Click here for Proposed Park Usage

 Click here for Proposed Staffing Hours

Potential Agreement with Johnson Favaro

The renowned architecture and design firm, Johnson Favaro was selected by the RFP Selection Committee, which consisted of City Staff and representatives from Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs) near to Ladera Linda Park. If approved by City Council, Johnson Favaro will do public outreach, develop a refined conceptual plan for Council’s consideration and develop construction-ready documents that incorporate city council direction.

December 18, 2018 City Council report (PDF)

Draft professional agreement (Attachment A) (PDF)

Johnsons Favaro’s proposal (Attachment B) (PDF)

Request for Proposals (Attachment C) (PDF)

Johnson Favaro’s Original and Revised Proposal Differences (Attachment D) (PDF)

Request for Proposals (PDF): See the Ladera Linda RFP (PDF). Release date July 31, 2018. Submittal Deadline: August 28th, 2018

Amendments to the Ladera Linda RFP

Amendment 1 to the RFP (PDF)

Amendment 2 to the RFP (PDF)

Amendment 3 to the RFP (PDF)

View a List of Companies (PDF) who received the Ladera Linda Community Park Architectural and Engineering Design Services RFP.

March 20th City Council approved a Park Conceptual Plan

Council directed staff to initiate a Request For Proposal Process (RFP) to:

  1. Find a Design team to create a final construction ready design.
  2. Prepare construction-ready documents

Representatives from Ladera Linda, Mediterranea, Seacliff, and Sea View HOAs will serve on the RFP selection team.

View the PowerPoint (PDF).

View the Agenda.

Ladera Linda workshop February 21st Agenda (PDF) 

See workshop FLYER (JPG) 

See draft LL Rental Policy (PDF) 

See Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report (PDF) prepared by Priority 1 Environmental 

See Security Analysis of Proposed Plan (PDF) (DRAFT)

See LL Master Plan February 21st PowerPoint (PDF)

Please contact Recreation and Parks Senior Analyst Matt Waters at 310-544-5218 or email Matt Waters with any questions.

Usage Analysis

Analysis of Usage at Ladera Linda (PDF)

September 19th 2017 City Council Meeting

Council approved extra services proposal from Richard Fisher and Associates to do additional work on the Ladera Linda Park Master Plan including site and building security, sightlines, neighborhood impact, noise, building dimensions etc… A review of traffic studies, an analysis of park usage, and an update of park rental policies are also planned. Council also directed Staff to perform a Phase 1 Environmental Review of the Site.

August 1st 2017 City Council Meeting

The RPV City Council considered the recommended design for Ladera Linda Park on August 1st. The recommended design is the result of extensive Public outreach, particularly from residents living near to Ladera Linda. After extensive discussion and public comment, Council directed staff to expand the consultant's scope of work to consider traffic, parking, usage, security, and to perform additional public outreach.

Access the August 1st PowerPoint: LL Master Plan August 1st PowerPoint (PDF)

Access the August 1st Agenda (listed under Regular Business item 4): August 1st City Council Meeting Agenda

See the Recommended Design: Recommended Ladera Linda Park Design (JPG)

See Staff Report and Attachments: 

Please contact Recreation and Parks Senior Analyst Matt Waters at 310-544-5218 or email Matt Waters with any questions.

April 26th Workshop

Over 60 people attended the April 26 Workshop and offered their opinions and insights. Dozens of emails were submitted after the meetings.

See below to access the two alternative draft park designs and proposed building layout, that were presented at the meeting. If the image is too small please use the zoom-in function. After reviewing all the comments, a recommended design will be presented to the City Council.

Large scale blow-ups of the proposed park designs and building diagram are available at City Hall.

Ladera Linda Park Master Plan Workshop, Wed. April 26th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Ladera Linda Parks' multi-purpose room (MPR).

See the April 26th Workshop PowerPoint (PDF). See the workshop agenda (PDF). 60 people shared their thoughts and opinions on design concepts for the park and community center! See the workshop flyer (PDF).

For more information contact Matt Waters via email.

Ladera Linda Master Plan presented to City Council on October 18th:

An update of the Ladera Linda Master Plan was presented to the RPV City Council on October 18, 2016. City Council receive and filed report.

View the Staff Report (PDF).


The 2014 and 2015 Ladera Linda workshops provided general direction to staff and identified particular park elements that were supported by the community (new community center, walking paths, nature center, Sheriff/Ranger drop in office) as well as other elements that were not supported ( pool, gymnasium, dog park.) Below is information about the Ladera Linda Master Plan including the Public Forum held September 22, 2016:

View the September 22, 2016 Ladera Linda Workshop Meeting minutes (PDF).

View the Aerial View of Ladera Linda Park (PDF).

Download the September 22, 2016 Ladera Linda Workshop Power Point Presentation (PDF).

Download the September 22, 2016 Ladera Linda Workshop Agenda (PDF).

Download the flyer (PDF).

View the Ladera Linda usage in 2015 (PDF).

View the Ladera Linda Interested Parties List (PDF).

To view the September 22, 2016 Ladera Linda workshop Video, see bottom of this page.

Infrastructure Report Card 2013

See the City of RPV Infrastructure Report Card 2013. The Ladera Linda Analysis is in the "Public Buildings" Section of the Report, pages 53 to 58 (PDF).

The 2015 Council- approved Parks Master Plan recommended a new community center at Ladera Linda. Public attendees at two Ladera Linda Public Workshops in 2014 and 2015, expressed strong support for a new center.

On September1st, 2015 Council authorized staff to create and distribute a Request for Proposal, to hire a consultant to conduct a park master plan design project. A revised RFP was issued on April 21, 2016.



City Staff reviewed the 5 submitted proposals and selected two finalists: Gonzalez Goodale Architects and Richard Fisher Associates (RFA). A panel of staff and a representative from the Ladera Linda Home Owner Association interviewed the finalists. RFA was the unanimous selection.

The City Council approved a professional service agreement to RFA on June 6th, 2016.




The project consultant, RFA has begun preliminary work on the Ladera Linda Park Master Plan.

Neighborhood Impact

Staff and RFA have discussed the importance of emphasizing Council's directive that, "less is more," in park projects and to capture the residents' support for a low-key neighborhood sized community-based project.

For more information please contact Matt Waters at 310-544-5218 or email Matt Waters.

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Ladera Linda Park Master Plan Public Workshop September 22nd, 2016