Hiking Trail Conditions & Alerts

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes reopened beaches, parks and hiking trails--including the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve--on May 13, 2020, in accordance with guidance from L.A. County. City Staff, Park Rangers and law enforcement are monitoring these areas to enforce public health directives and parking restrictions.

If you visit the Nature Preserve trails for hiking, please do so responsibly and be mindful of your interactions. Please read the LA County Department of Public Health (LADPH) health guidelines for trails and their "Sharing the Trail" etiquette tips.

Hiking trail conditions can change from day to day. Check this webpage for information on temporary trail closures and trail circulation plans, and obey all posted trail signs.

More Information About Palos Verdes Nature Reserve Hiking Trails

The new and improved Burma gate has been installed. The gate hours are 7 AM - 1 hour after sunset.

If you have questions, please contact the Recreation and Parks Department at 310-544-5260 or parks@rpvca.gov

Hiking Trail Conditions and Alerts

The following trails are temporarily Closed:

Ocean Trails Reserve:

Section of Catalina Trail and Bridge located between Lakeview Trail and Coastal Switchback Trail (click/tap image to view full size)

Coastal Switchback Trail

Ocean Trails Map closure Catalina bridge

Portuguese Bend Reserve:

Section of Burma Road Trail at the junction of Rim Trail to Landslide Scarp Trail (not marked in red on the map below), closed effective 1/3/2022.

Lower Rim Trail (click/tap image to view full size)

Garden Trail (click / tap image to view full size)

Port. Bend closures (All Trails) Opens in new window

Abalone Cove Reserve:

Sea Dahlia Trail (click/tap image to view full size)

West Sacred Cove Trail and Cave Trail (click/tap image to view full size)

Abalone Cove closure Sea Dahlia trail Opens in new window