Neighborhood Security Cameras

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes, in coordination with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, continues to enhance public safety by partnering with neighborhoods and HOAs to increase security through the use of neighborhood security cameras. Following a multi-pronged approach to community safety, security cameras are placed along public streets and neighborhood entry/exit points to provide additional measures of protection as well as valuable footage that may assist the Sheriff’s Department with investigations. 

Current Vendors

Vigilant Solutions
Obsidian Integration 

The City partners with two vendors that provide Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) cameras to track and monitor vehicles through the support of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Vigilant Solutions provides ALPR cameras along certain public streets and intersections, whereas Obsidian Integration, in partnership with certain HOAs, provide ALPR neighborhood security cameras on private property. For more information regarding the individual vendors, please visit their website linked here: Vigilant Solutions & Obsidian Integration

Pilot Program

Flock Safety

Seeking to increase community safety and security, the City continues efforts to introduce Public Safety programs that seek to deter and capture criminals. A pilot program with the Oceanfront Estates HOA began in the Summer of 2020 utilizing another neighborhood security camera vendor, Flock Safety. Flock Safety cameras are solar-powered, use license plate reading technology, and provide 24-hour video footage day and night. These cameras were installed in the ingress/egress of the neighborhood.

Flock Safety cameras capture images of vehicle license plates, make, model, and color at any time of day. The cameras can capture images of vehicles that are up to 75 feet away and that travel up to 75 miles per hour.

The Flock Safety “Falcon” neighborhood camera costs $2,000 per camera with no added infrastructure fees. Camera functions include license plate and vehicle fingerprint technology, options of solar or DC powered, automatic data upload to cloud storage, hotlist integration and alerts, and the ability to register resident vehicles not to be captured in the footage.

Flock Safety Privacy Policy

Storage, Access, & Use
Data is stored in the cloud using Amazon Web Services, where all data is encrypted and protected. The footage is permanently deleted after 30 days on a rolling and continuous basis.

Neighborhoods own 100% of their data: neither Flock Safety nor the City would have access or the right to the footage without explicit and written permission. The individual neighborhood network administrator may grant temporary 24-hour access to law enforcement agencies in the event of a crime or for some other reason. 

Flock Safety cameras operate with a “Safelist” in which residents who do not want their vehicles to be captured by the Flock cameras may elect to either mark their vehicles as ‘residents’ on the footage or simply have their vehicles automatically deleted and unrecorded. 

Flock Vehicle Registration Option: Residents may register their vehicle(s) so that they appear/are marked as “resident” in any future searches by law enforcement.
Safe List Registration Option: Residents can register their vehicle(s) so that it is completely removed from ever being captured in any Flock camera footage at all.

Flock Safety cameras are primarily used to help with investigating and solving crimes. Their function is not meant to track patterns or to be active monitors, although their presence (as with other neighborhood security cameras) bolster security and may act as deterrents against potential criminals. 

Flock Safety Mission:

Flock Safety’s mission is to eliminate non-violent crime. This is possible with crime-fighting technology that provides coverage for the entire neighborhood. When a crime occurs, Flock Safety license plate reading cameras deliver the actionable evidence police need to make an arrest. Additional information can be found at their website here: 

Privacy & Access Handling:

Flock will not share, sell, or access your data. Your community decides who can access footage from the web portal. Your neighborhood 100% owns the data. Flock Safety Safelist: Residents in participating neighborhoods can opt-out so that their vehicle information is completely removed from footage capture.

Success Stories:

Testimonials and success stories from other cities, public entities, and law enforcement agencies can be found on their website, linked here:

Other Los Angeles County Cities and Police Departments that use Flock Safety Cameras:

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