Raising Cane's

Project Planner : Jaehee Yoon

Contact Information: Email Jaehee Yoon / (310) 544-5224


On February 13, 2020, an application was submitted to the Planning Division requesting the demolition of two existing restaurants (Marie Callender’s and Broiler Express) located at 29035 & 29051 S. Western Avenue to accommodate the construction of a new 2,798ftdrive-thru restaurant known as Raising Cane’s, a fast-food restaurant specializing in chicken fingers. 

To date, the project has gone through several reviews with the Planning Division and on August 31, 2020,the Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) reviewed the application as it pertains to circulation and potential traffic impacts. Due to potential impacts that may result from the drive-thru component of the restaurant, the proposed project was heard again by the TSC in January to review more in-depth studies related to traffic and queuing. For more information on the August 31, 2020, TSC meeting, please click here.

The application will require building a silhouette and a public hearing before the Planning Commission in the future. As there are outstanding items such as an additional TSC meeting in January 2021, more information on the next steps will be periodically updated on this page and sent out to those included in the listserv as it becomes available. Please click here to view the January 25, 2021 TSC meeting.

On March 8, 2021, the City received notification from the Applicant requesting to withdraw the application and will no longer pursue the proposed project.