Legislation Corner

The City Council reviews bills pending in Congress and the California Legislature and takes positions on priority issues and matters that impact the City's ability to operate effectively, promote City interests and protect local authority. This page details bills the City Council has taken positions on.

2021-2022 Legislative Session

The City Council and Staff are tracking a number of bills in the 2021-2022 Legislative Session. Bill summaries and position letters with staff reports are listed below, and fact sheets prepared by City Staff are linked in the following matrix.

Bill Summaries:

Position Letters:
AB 377 Letter of Opposition (PDF)     AB 377 Letter of Opposition from Peninsula Cities (PDF)
AB 1053 Letter of Support (PDF)
AB 1251 Letter of Support (PDF)
AB 1258 Letter of Support (PDF)
AB 1295 Comment Letter (PDF)
ACA 7 Letter of Support (PDF)
AJR 2 Letter of Support (PDF)
SB 9 Letter of Opposition (PDF)     SB 9 Letter of Opposition from Peninsula Cities (PDF)
SB 10 Letter of Opposition (PDF)
SB 210 Letter of Opposition (PDF)     SB 210 Letter of Opposition from Peninsula Cities (PDF)
SB 556 Letter of Opposition (PDF)
SB 809 Letter of Support (PDF)

Additional Legislative Correspondence:
League of California Cities Letter of Expectations (PDF)  Response From League of California Cities (PDF)
Support for SBCCOG Regional Planner (PDF)

2019-2020 Legislative Session

The City Council took positions on 26 bills in 2020. The following summarizes the bills and the City's positions: 2020 Legislative Positions (PDF)

Complete bill text is available on the California Legislature's Website.