10 Days of Holiday Safety

Introducing the 10 Days of Holiday Safety! Share these simple tips with friends and neighbors - protecting your home and community is a shared responsibility.

The City wishes you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season!

10 Days of Holiday Safety

Day 1: Practice Your 9PM Routine

Every night at 9pm, the community is encouraged to lock all gates and doors including side gates and garage doors, turn on exterior lights or set them on a timer if you plan to be away, and remove all valuables from plain view.

Day 2: See Something, Say Something!

Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something suspicious, call the Lomita Sheriff’s Station at 310-539-1661.

Day 3: Prevent Package Theft

Arrange for delivery alerts and retrieve your packages as soon as they are delivered. If you cannot retrieve your package, ask a neighbor to bring it in for you, or have the package shipped to the store.

Day 4: Safe Shopping

When shopping in a store, make sure your purse or wallet is secured on your person. Never leave purchased items unattended.

If shopping online, make sure you are using a trusted site and be wary of providing your personal information.

Day 5: Secure Your Vehicle

Always lock all vehicle doors and close all windows. Remove packages, valuables, and garage openers from sight. If you must leave a valuable behind, lock it in your trunk or glovebox before reaching your destination. Avoid parking in isolated and unlit areas.

Day 6: Secure Your Home

Lock all windows and doors when sleeping or when leaving your home. Use a timer for your lights so your house looks occupied. Avoid displaying valuables in windows.

Ask to see identification from anyone who comes to your door.

Utilize home alarms, guard animals, signage, security systems, and trimmed landscaping to create sufficient protections for your property.

Day 7: Join Your Neighborhood Watch!

RPV Neighborhood Watch is a volunteer-based, resident-run program that encourages neighbors looking out for neighbors to reduce crime.

For more information or to join, visit rpvca.gov/NeighborhoodWatch

Day 8: Protect Your Family

Be cautious of the information you post on social media – consider who the information may now be available to.

Do not place “family descriptor” stickers on your family vehicles – perpetrators can use the decals to identify people in your household, sometimes even by age, gender, and names.

Be extra careful with purses and wallets. Carry a purse under your arm. Keep a wallet in an inside jacket pocket, not a back trouser pocket.  Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Do not leave purses or wallets unattended. Be aware when leaving malls or restaurants that you are not being followed.

Do not engage with criminals.  If you find yourself a victim of a crime, do not chase down the suspects.  Get a description and a license plate and call the Lomita Sheriff’s Station at 9-1-1 or (310) 539-1661.

Day 9: Deter Holiday Thieves

Avoid displaying gifts and valuables in windows. Break down gift boxes and place them in dark trash bags to avoid advertising holiday gifts on trash day.

Day 10: Travel Safety

Be mindful of sharing holiday travel plans online. Sharing vacation details can alert criminals when you are not home. Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home and collect any packages and mail.

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