Animal Control

Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control 

The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control is one of the largest and most progressive animal control agencies in the United States. DACC has adopted the philosophy of Socially Conscious Animal Sheltering at our seven animal care centers. We serve unincorporated Los Angeles County and 45 contract cities with a combined total population of over 3 million residents. We provide animal control and rescue services in our service areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The many benefits of adopting from a County Animal Care Center include low‑cost spaying/neutering, a free veterinary checkup, the peace of mind knowing that your new pet has received its initial vaccinations against certain diseases, and the satisfaction of having saved the life of a shelter animal.

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes entered into a service contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control Carson/Gardena Animal Center to provide complete animal care and control services for the city.


Services Include:

  • 24-hour live operator assistance
  • Dead animal pick-up
  • Humane Education
  • Injured animal pick-up and care
  • Investigation of cruelty complaints
  • Investigation of dangerous dogs
  • Low-cost spaying and neutering
  • Low-cost vaccinations
  • Pet licensing
  • Response to excessive barking and noise complaints
  • Stray animal pick-up and patrol
  • Illegal feeding of wild animals


Dog Licensing

The easiest way to get your pet licensed or keep your license current is by paying online. You must have a personal code to renew your pet’s license online or by telephone. Your personal code appears on your license renewal notice. Please note animal licenses can be purchased at your local animal care center as well. Reduced license fees are available for senior citizens (age 60 or older) and disabled military veterans. Seniors must submit proof of age, such as a copy of their driver’s license, passport, or other official government-issued identification. Disabled military veterans must submit either a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs disability award letter or a Veterans Health Administration healthcare enrollee card that states the bearer has a service-connected disability. All such methods of proof may be uploaded online at the time you register your pet or renew your existing license.


Renew your pet license online at: Pet License Renewal

Past-due licenses cannot currently be processed online or by phone. If your license is past due, you must go to an animal care center or send a check by mail with applicable penalties included.


Pay by phone at: (877) U-PAY-PET or (877) 872-738 


Replacement Licenses/Duplicate Tag:

If a pet’s license becomes lost, a replacement license may be purchased by submitting a check for $5 to the Department’s Licensing Division. 

For further information, please contact the Enforcement Servicing Bureau’s Licensing Division at (562) 345-0400.


A duplicate license tag can be obtained by mailing a check for $5 payable to the County of Los Angeles Animal Care and Control at 12440 East Imperial Highway, 6th Floor, Norwalk, CA 90650.

Please provide your pet's license number on the check. If you do not know your pet's license number, call our Enforcement Services Bureau’s Licensing Section at (562) 3450400.


Renew your pets license at your local shelter:



216 W. Victoria Street, Gardena CA 90248

Phone: (310) 523-9566



*Please note: Victoria Street is the same as 190th Street. The animal care center has a Gardena mailing address. The animal care center is located between Main Street and Broadway two blocks south of the 91 freeway.


Hours of Operation:

The Animal Care Center is open to the public (without appointments) during the following hours:

  • Morning visits are available between 10 am - 12 noon daily EXCEPT on Wednesdays
  • The shelter is closed to the public between 12 noon – 2 pm
  • Afternoon visits are available between 2 pm – 5 pm daily EXCEPT on Wednesdays
  • Appointments are required on Wednesdays between the hours of 2 pm – 7 pm 

For new pet licenses, download the application online at: LA Co Pet Licensing



Now pet owners have the option of purchasing a three-year license.  The fee for the three-year license is just three times the amount of the yearly fee.

  • Dog license fees are $60 annually for an unaltered dog 
  • $20 for an altered dog (a certificate of sterility from a veterinarian is required as proof). 
  • Discounted fees are available for seniors (60 yrs+) and military veterans with disabilities $7.50 for altered dogs.

What should I do if I lost my pet?

Animals picked up within the city's jurisdiction will be housed at the Carson/Gardena Animal Care Center. You may search online for your lost pet at or go to the local shelter during the hours noted above. When retrieving your animal from the shelter it’s important to bring a current photo and any medical records including proof of a current rabies vaccine.


What should I do if I find a lost pet?

If the dog or cat has a license or an ID tag, please call the phone number listed on the tag to contact the owner. If you cannot contact the owner or if the animal is not wearing an ID tag, contact the Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control Center that services the area where you found the animal. You will greatly increase the chances of the owner finding his/her lost pet by returning it to the local shelter when the pet was found. Please DO NOT take the lost pet home from another city and contact your local animal care center, you MUST contact the animal care center where the pet was found. Many animal-caring people take lost pets home not realizing the animal's owner is looking for the stray pet at their local animal shelter.


Lost pets are more likely to be reunited with their owner if they stay in the area they are found. If you find a stray cat or dog, post fliers in the area, and on community apps like Next Door, Ring, and Facebook. You can also take the pet to a shelter or veterinary clinic to get it scanned for a microchip. For a full list of resources, visit our Lost Pet page LA County Animal Care and Control


Report and Search Lost and Found Pets online: