6001 Palos Verdes Drive South- The Point View Property 

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Point View Subdivision Project

In December 2018, the project Applicant, Hunsaker & Associates, submitted a Tentative Tract Map & Environmental assessment application (Case No. PLTM2018-0001) for the proposed subdivision and residential development of the Point View property. As part of the proposed project, the Applicant submitted additional applications including a Conditional Use Permit/ Conditional Use Permit Revision, Major Grading Permit, Site Plan Review and Landscape Plan Review. The proposed project includes the following:

  • Subdivision of the project site to create 37 single-family lots, one estate lot, 11 landscape lots, six private street lots and one detention basin lot as outlined in the plan proposal below;
  • Development of 37 single-family residences, as a Residential Planned Development including affordable housing as per Section (17.11) of the City's Municipal Code;
  • Conducting approximately 3 million cubic yards of project grading;
  • Construction of ancillary site improvements including, but not limited to, landscaping, infrastructure and signage; and
  • Revise the existing Point View Master Use Plan to accommodate the relocation of the existing gulf course along with associated project components.


Project Status

In December 2020, the project applications were deemed complete for processing and the City is currently in process of seeking proposals from qualified consulting firms to provide professional services the end product of which will be the preparation of the appropriate Environmental Document in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for the proposed project. A copy of the City's Request for Proposal is available for review here

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Point View Agriculture, Golf Course, & Event Garden Master Plan Project

Project Status

On January 8, 2013, 2013, the Planning Commission adopted P.C. Resolution Nos. 2013-02 & 2013-03, approving a Mitigated Negative Declaration and Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the Point View Master Plan. The project approval included a commercial agricultural use, executive golf course, with an event garden conditionally permitted as an ancillary use to the golf course. In 2020, the City's Planning Commission approved development applications for the construction of a new 7,375 sq. ft. two-story residence with a 611 sq. ft. detached accessory dwelling unit, ancillary site improvements and associated grading on the project site. A copy of the Planning Commission staff report is available for review here

As required by the CUP, the Planning Commission conducts conduct annual Compliance Reviews to assess the project's compliance with and adequacy of the Conditions of Approval. To-date the Planning Commission has conducted 8 annual Compliance Reviews. The last compliance review was conducted on November 24, 2020 and a copy of the staff report is available for review here

Project Background

A Conditional Use Permit application was submitted to the Community Development Department for processing on February 28, 2010. Since that time, additional information has been submitted, and the application has been revised to include additional components. The proposed project includes an agricultural component, a golf course use, an event garden use, and additional miscellaneous improvements to the property. It should be noted that Section 17.020.025.G of the City's Development Code allows "the growing of crops and/or fruits on more than one acre for commercial purposes" and "golf courses, driving ranges, and ancillary uses" in a residential zoning district with the approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

On January 18, 2011, the City Council authorized executing a professional services agreement with PCR Services Corporation to prepare a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the proposed Point View Agriculture, Golf Course and Event Garden Master Plan project. The consultant costs are being paid for by the applicant. Since the entitlement applications include a Conditional Use Permit, the Planning Commission will be considering the proposed project at a public hearing.

The Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration was completed and circulated for review and comment by the public and other agencies, between April 18, 2012 and July 12, 2012. Additionally, a public hearing was conducted by the Planning Commission on May 22, 2012. During the meeting, the Planning Commission opened the public hearing, heard comments on the IS/MND document, took testimony on the proposed Master Plan, and continued the hearing to a future date. Since the hearing was not continued to a date-certain, the Planning Commission instructed Staff to provide a 45-day notification period prior to the Planning Commission meeting once a hearing date has been identified.

The IS/MND document and the associated technical studies can be viewed via the link below.


Agricultural Use - The project includes an organic avocado orchard on the northern portion of the site, measuring 11.5-acres in area; a secondary organic avocado orchard on the eastern side of the site measuring 6-acres in area; a separate citrus/non-organic avocado orchard on the eastern side of the site measuring 1.5-acres in area; and two vineyard areas in the middle and western side of the site, measuring 5.5-acres and 3-acres in area, respectively. Section 17.02.025 of the Municipal Code establishes that the growing of crops and/or fruits on more than one acre, or for commercial purposes is a conditionally permitted use.

Golf Course Use - The project also includes a uniquely designed golf use that does not function like or resembles a traditional golf course. Unlike a traditional golf course, the 2.5-acre Point View Golf Course will consist of two greens, traps, and 9 holes. The golf course will compare to a 9-hole executive golf course. The golf course will be operated and maintained by the landowner; will not have designated employees; will not be open to the public; will not have regular operating hours; will not have a clubhouse; and will not be operated as a commercial venture and no green feels will be collected. Instead, the golf course will be available to guests of the landowner; play will be limited to daylight hours only; and, access to the golf course will be via the existing roads on the property. Section 17.02-025 of the Municipal Code establishes that outdoor active recreational uses and facilities is a conditionally permitted use.

Event Garden Use - The Event Garden is planned as an ancillary use on the flat terrace located in the north-central portion of the 94-acre Point View property. This area has been historically used by the Las Candalistas (Walk On The Wildside), U.S. Pony Club, movie companies for filming of motion pictures, television shows and commercials, and private parties hosted by the owner. The proposal includes utilizing this area to conduct no more than 30 events per year on the property that include:

  • Fund raising and charity events
  • Private parties
  • Public and community events
  • Weddings and wedding receptions
  • Corporate parties
  • Outdoor conferences
  • Educational events

Attendance will be limited to 300 people per event (not including event staff, security/safety personnel, etc.), with an occasional special charity event that could generate up to 750 people. The applicant proposes the hours of operation to be limited to 8 a.m. until 10 p.m., with the typical event lasting approximately five hours.

Miscellaneous - To improve on-site circulation and access, the proposal includes legalizing an after-the-fact roadway segment that was paved to provide a secondary access to the site from the Narcissa Drive gate. Further, a new paved roadway is proposed to provide main access to the property via Palos Verdes Drive South. The after-the-fact roadway is a 700-foot segment constructed of impervious asphalt; while the new main roadway is currently an unpaved dirt road measuring 1,880-feet in length, and is proposed to be paved with impervious asphalt.

Additional Information

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In 2020, the City’s Planning Commission approved development applications for the construction of a new 7,375 ft2 two-story residence with a 611 ft2 detached accessory dwelling unit and ancillary site improvements in support of the new residential structures. 

In 2020, the City’s Planning Commission approved development applications for the construction of a new 7,375 ft2 two-story residence with a 611 ft2 detached accessory dwelling unit and ancillary site improvements in support of the new residential structures.