GIS Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a critical system for municipalities.  Local governments manage a wide variety of Land Management and Infrastructure issues.  Locating data such as age, ownership and condition is a vastly more useful way of tracking information than the paper maps and documentation of the past, and is invaluable assisting with City processes and decision making.  We actively share data with the PVPLC, the County, the State, other local agencies, and it is used for every major engineering and construction project the City undertakes.
The City's GIS system was started in 2005 and built up over the years, the system now contains almost 1,000 layers of information.  In 2015, the City completed an upgrade to the latest Esri's ArcGIS system, created internal and external Geocortex applications and purchased LARIAC4 imagery. Last year, we redesigned the internal GIS structure and took the steps required to integrate GIS into City business systems like Work Order and Permitting and Land management. In the future, we will see further integration with City systems along with a push to publish more helpful and topical maps such as these below for public convenience and transparency. Click any of the images to be taken to more detailed information.

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