LA Countywide Parks Needs Assessment

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The County of Los Angeles is conducting a massive, Countywide Needs Assessment of all parks and recreation facilities and amenities. Almost every City in the County is cooperating with the effort, which includes providing current park information and acreage and conducting community workshop(s) to inform the public and generate a list of potential projects to help the County get a sense of general recreation needs. The information provided during this process will help County Board of Supervisors in determining whether they wish to proceed with a future Proposition to fund future Park projects. The County Board of Supervisors is tentatively scheduled to consider this matter in May or June, 2016.

Please note: Providing information to the County on the condition of current parks or potential park projects does not obligate any participating City to accept funds from the County or to proceed with any project.

For more information about this process, please go to the LA County Park Needs website.