RPV/EDCO Brush Clearing Continues: This is a great opportunity to help prevent local brush fires! RPV/EDCO’s Fall season brush-clearing event started on October 3rd and will continue for 4 more consecutive Saturdays. Each week a different area of RPV will be serviced depending on the regular trash collection route. The goal of the event is to assist homeowners’ dispose excess brush, shrubs, hedges, tree branches, and bushes without incurring disposal costs. Acceptable green waste may be in tied bundles, in EDCO carts, and/or in other personal carts/cans and placed at curbside. Greens placed in plastic bags will be accepted, however use of plastic bags are discouraged due to possible contamination issues at the processing facilities.

This free event is in addition to the regularly scheduled weekly green waste collection. Schedule your brush clearing work with your gardener and landscapers in advance. Listed below are the scheduled brush clearing collection dates:

Collection Day Fall Season 2020 Brush Clearing Day
Monday Route Saturday, October 3rd COMPLETED
Tuesday Route Saturday, October 10th
Wednesday Route Saturday, October 17th
Thursday Route Saturday, October 24th
Friday Route Saturday, October 31st

For more information, check EDCO’s website at: https://www.edcodisposal.com/rancho-palos-verdes/events-detail.php?id=92 or call EDCO at 310-540-2977.

Loose material, trash or construction and demolition material will not be collected.

Thank you.

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