How many containers do I receive? Can I order more?
You will receive 1 gray cart for trash, 1 blue cart for recycling and 1 green cart for yard waste. Carts are available in 3 sizes: small (35 gallon), medium (64 gallon), and large (96 gallon). You may choose the size of your carts, and mix and match them. Additional carts are available upon request. There is an additional cost for extra trash carts. However, blue recycling carts are provided free of charge. You may also receive up to 3 free green waste carts. All material must be placed inside the automated carts. Material left on the street (outside the carts), or in bags or boxes will not be collected. Remember each material is collected separately and by different trucks. Please do not commingle trash with your recycling and/or green waste.This may contaminate the entire truckload, and then they may not be recycled.

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3. How many containers do I receive? Can I order more?
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