How do I stay prepared?

In addition to keeping an emergency supply kit and having a plan for your family, make sure you are signed up for Alert SouthBay emergency alerts by texting “alertrpv” to 888-777 or registering at Get familiar with the Peninsula cities’ new Know Your Zone evacuation information platform. Go to to find your zone number, then save it in your phone or write it down and keep it somewhere that’s easy to find in an emergency, such as on your refrigerator or near the front door. In an emergency, such as a landslide or wildfire, check the zone map at to see if your zone is under an evacuation warning or order.

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1. What’s happening and why?
2. How is the City responding?
3. What should I do if I have concerns about my property?
4. How do I stay prepared?
5. Does homeowners insurance cover land movement?
6. Why did the City close some trails in the Portguese Bend Reserve?
7. Which trails are currently closed?
8. Is there an estimated time when closed trails will reopen?