Where may I go to watch the whales?

The Pacific gray whales' annual migration season from the frigid waters of the Arctic seas to the warm lagoons of Baja, California, can be seen from the Point Vicente Interpretive Center from December through April. The Interpretive Center is a premier whale-watching site. It is open to the public daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the park grounds are open 9 a.m. until dusk.

Another ideal location is Pelican Cove, located between the Point Vicente Lighthouse and Long Point (formerly Marineland, now called Terranea Resort).

Commercial whale watch boats offer an up-close look at whales. For Redondo Sports Fishing in Redondo Beach, call 310-372-2111 or for 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro, call 310-832-8304. Also, visit the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro to learn more about the whales, or call the aquarium at 310-548-7562.

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