What is the City Doing?
One of the city’s primary responsibilities to its citizens is to provide for the maximum protection of life and property from both natural and man-made hazards and disasters. Last year, the city council unanimously approved the creation of a new Emergency Preparedness Task Force with this goal in mind. This new city advisory board, which consists of 15 resident volunteers appointed by the city council, has been charged with the responsibility of advising the city on ways to improve its programs and resources in order to be able to effectively respond to a wide variety of emergency and disaster situations.

The Task Force, which has been meeting monthly since September 2002, is currently preparing a list of recommendations regarding forging new and strengthening existing ties with a wide variety of organizations would provide assistance to the city during a time of need, such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and our local volunteer disaster response groups, as well as proposing programs to communicate with and educate residents about the importance of preparedness in case of disasters and emergencies. The Task Force’s recommendations are scheduled to be presented to the City Council in April 2003.

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3. What is the City Doing?