In November 1989, the voters in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes passed Proposition M, a View Preservation and Restoration Ordinance (herein the Ordinance). The Ordinance establishes 2 view recovery procedures: one to restore a view that existed at the time the affected view lot was legally created and the other procedure, to preserve views which existed at the time or since the Ordinance became effective (November 17, 1989). The Ordinance was codified as RPV Development Code Section 17.02.040.

For additional information regarding how residents could implement the View Restoration and Preservation permit procedures, residents can refer to the Guidelines and Procedures for Restoration of Views Where Foliage Is Involved (View Restoration Permits) And Preservation of Views Where Foliage Is Involved, also known as the View Restoration and Preservation Guidelines. 

Original ballot measure