Parks Master Plan

Parks Master Plan was Approved by City Council on Tuesday October 6, 2015

The following actions were taken:

  1. Adopt the Parks Master Plan Update
  2. Incorporate the Design Guidance, Key Sites and portions of the Connections Sections of the Coast Vision Plan into the Parks Master Plan with the understanding that the Coast Vision Plan will be retired after the remaining Connections Section is incorporated into the Update Trails Network Plan.

Parks Master Plan Update Completed

At its July 29, 2014, meeting, the City Council directed staff to complete an update of the city's 1989 Park Master Plan. This update is intended to provide a comprehensive strategy for addressing the future use of the city's parks, recreation and open space resources. The updated Master Plan will serve as a long-range vision for the city's recreation opportunities within a flexible framework than can be adapted to changes in technology, demographics, economics and shifting recreational trends.

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The update consolidated plans that currently exist for a number of major park sites, while being consistent and in compliance with the city's General Plan and other guiding documents. The city's park inventory has been updated and has been reviewed,as well as an update of the Coast Vision Plan. The update includes an extensive, multi-layered public outreach effort, including stakeholder meetings, site-focused and general public workshop meetings, and an online survey on recreation issues. This item was heard by the City Council on June 30th, 2015. For any questions please contact Matt Waters at (310) 544-5218 or email Matt Waters

June 30th Actions

  • Directed staff to bring back Draft Plan at a later date (scheduled for October 6th)
  • Directed staff to remove Gateway Park project from Master Plan
  • Approved inclusion of Skate Plaza/Park at the Point Vicente Park/Civic Center
  • Directed staff to take a, "less is more" approach to park planning and develop plan to better manage existing resources

Parks Master Plan Presentations & Materials