Burglar Alarm Ordinance

A false alarm is defined as any alarm signal which the alarm owner cannot prove was activated by commission or attempted commission of an unlawful act which the alarm system is designed to detect.

Burglar Alarm Ordinance Summary

  • No fee will be assessed for the 1st and 2nd false alarm incident within the city's fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).
  • A door hanger notification card should be left at the residence / business location notifying the alarm owner that the Sheriff's department has responded to a burglar alarm activation.
  • If the alarm incident is determined to be a false alarm, the city will mail an invoice summarizing the incident and assessing a fee, if any.
  • Beginning with the 3rd false alarm incident during the city's fiscal year, a $100 fee will be assessed to the alarm owner. Each incident during the remainder of the city's fiscal year will also be assessed a $100 fee.
  • Any balances owed the city for false alarm fees must be paid by mail within 20 days following service.
  • Any unpaid amounts over 60 days are subject to collection via special assessment against the property parcel.

Note: Fee is referred to as "Alarm Permit" in the Municipal Code.

By allowing 2 free false alarm incidents annually, any mechanical problems or accidental activation may be remedied by the alarm owner prior to being assessed a fee. In the event an alarm system malfunctions, the alarm owner is responsible for the immediate repair of the alarm. Please take extra caution when setting your alarm to make sure all windows and doors are secure. The more time the Sheriff spends responding to false alarms, the less time they have available to perform other public safety duties. Your cooperation is needed and appreciated.

More Information

For more information about the Burglar Alarm Ordinance please contact the City of Rancho Palos Verdes Finance Department at 310-544-5301 or 310-544-5201. For your convenience, you may also send an email.