Sanitary Sewer Management

City-wide Collection System

The City owns about 150 miles of sewer mains, which convey sewage from about 10,000 service connections to the treatment facility in Carson. Through annexation of connected properties into a Sewer Maintenance District, the LA County Public Works Department has the responsibility to operate and maintain these pipes. Rancho Palos Verdes and other cities on the Peninsula experience a higher than average rate of sewer overflows due to tree roots and intrusive vegetation. Because of this, proper maintenance of each property's lateral (the portion of the sewer from your home to the mainline) is essential. Lateral maintenance (keeping it clear and free flowing) is the responsibility of the property owner, even the portion under the City street or in a City easement. The County of Los Angeles published this brochure (PDF), that provides good information on this topic.

To Report a Problem

If this is an emergency, call 911

For Sanitary Sewer Overflows, call the LA County Public Works Dispatch at 626-458-4357, 24 hours.

For Sewer Problems requiring immediate attention in the Abalone Cove Sewer District, call City Public Works at 310-544-5252 during business hours or call 310-521-3523 after hours. Less urgent requests can be called in or reported using the City Service Request button below.

For surface runoff problems, such as street flooding, clogged catch basins or to report nuisance flows, call City Public Works at 310-544-5252 or report the issue using the City Service Request button below.

Sanitary Sewer Management Plan

The City is required to develop a comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Management Plan (PDF) and update it every five years. This document discusses the standard and emergency operating procedures and guides City staff on repair standards and priorities to the system.

Septic and Other Collection Systems

A small portion of the City's homes are not connected to the primary sewage collection system. They are either on approved local septic systems or part of the Abalone Cove Collection System. Residential septic systems must be maintained by the homeowner. View more information on the Abalone Cove collection system.