Abalone Cove Sewer Collection System


The Abalone Cove Sewer Collection System is owned, operated, and maintained by the City separately from the rest of the City's sewer system which is operated and maintained by the LA County Sewer Maintenance District (CSMD). The collection system serves a population of about 270 people using nearly 15,000 linear feet of pipe, 44 grinder pumps and 4 lift stations.


To insure funding for the on-going operation and maintenance of the sewer facilities in the Abalone Cove area, the City Council established the Abalone Cove Sewer Service charge on July 17, 2001. This Sewer Maintenance Fee ensures a fair and equitable levying of the necessary costs of operating and maintaining the facilities.

The City Council annually reviews the Fiscal Year's current and projected costs for operating and maintaining the sewer facilities and sets rates for the ensuing fiscal year. In setting the annual rates, the City Council will consider any new or updated maintenance costs, and any fund balances or shortages, and adjust the rates accordingly.

The Abalone Cove Sewer service charge is levied under the authority of the California Health and Safety Code, Sections 5471 et seq. (the "Code"). Payment of the charge for each parcel will be made in the same manner and at the same time as payments are made for property taxes for each property.

The current fiscal Year service charge was approved by the City Council on June 17, 2014. A copy of staff presentation and the Engineering Report that substantiates the fee recommendation are available on this page.