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Site Plan Review Application – Minor

  1. Minor Site Plan Review Application
    The Minor Site Plan Review application is required for construction of the following minor residential improvements: chimneys, roof pitch modification, minor equipment (enclosed water heaters, a/c units, pool equipment, etc.), roof mounted equipment which extends less than 6” from the roof surface (skylights, solar panels, etc.), garden windows, deck structures less than 30” in height from existing adjacent grade and uncovered, and any other improvement which does not involve new habitable space, which cannot be used as a gathering space and viewing area, and which does not constitute lot coverage.
  2. (If applicable)
  3. (Self, contractor, architect, etc.)
  4. (If not the property owner)
  5. Project Address
    (If there is no address, input assessor’s parcel map number.)
  6. Maximum height of project, measured from the finished grade adjacent to the structure to the highest point of the structure:
  7. In feet squared
  8. Distance of project to property lines:
  9. Fee
  10. A subsidized filing fee of $71.50 will apply if you propose 1 or more of the following: Energy star mechanical units, Tankless water heaters, Pool / spa pumps with efficient motors, Solar Panels, or Skylights. Attach specification sheets of the proposed project as evidence the subsidized fee applies.
  11. Attach a site plan depicting all property lines and applicable easements, adjacent street right-of-way and the access driveway of the lot, building footprint of existing structures, location of the proposed project, setbacks from the proposed project to respective property lines. Also include a call-out or an elevation showing the maximum height of the proposed structure, measured from highest point of existing grade covered by the structure to the ridge (including any roof tiles, roof shingles or other roof material).
  12. I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, that the information and materials submitted with this application are true and correct.*
  13. I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, that I am the legal property owner, or the legal representative of the property owner, or have their authorization to do so).*
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