Report Coyote Sightings

To report coyote sightings from your mobile or desktop device, please click the dynamic web application here  The Coyote Sightings web app allows users to report sightings and the activity of the coyote when spotted, to geo-locate the sighting on a map, and the optional adding of comments and contact information.   Interested parties can also see an online map showing coyote sightings reported through the app at the following website:

If you encounter a sick, lethargic, injured, or dead coyote, Los Angeles County Animal Control will respond to pick up the animal. They can be reached at 310-523-9566. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you feel there is a coyote in your neighborhood that is dangerous or has shown aggressive behavior, please call Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner Weights & Measures Department at 626-575-5462  or Code Enforcement Division at 310-544-5296. As a community we can work together to learn to live peacefully with coyotes.

Click Down Below to Report Coyote Sightings

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