City Council Goals and Action Plan

On March 17, 2020, the City Council agreed to change the annual goal-setting process from a calendar year basis (January 1 to December 31) to a fiscal year basis (July 1 to June 30). The City Council also agreed to receive quarterly updates rather than monthly as a “receive and file” item on the Regular portion of the City Council agenda (rather than the Study Session). In early 2021, City Council agreed to align the adoption of the goals with the budget to ensure funding of the goals.

SMART (Council Goals)

The City Council Goals utilize the “SMART” rubric: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. The following are descriptions of the six general goal categories.

Public Safety:

Maintain a high level of public safety with public engagement. 

Infrastructure:Maintain and improve all public infrastructure (including transportation systems, parking, utilities, storm drains, and sewers).
City Land and Facilities:Maintain and improve all City-owned properties.
Quality of Life:
Maintain and improve the quality of life for RPV residents.
Citizen Involvement & Public Outreach:
Engage residents and community partners in assisting the City Council, City Committees/Commissions and City Staff facilitate the decision-making process.
Government Efficiency, Transparency, and Accountability:
Maximize the use of each tax dollar and optimize services delivered to RPV residents.

Each of the City Council goals correspond to a color spectrum and description that identifies each goal's status. The color spectrum essentially breaks down the total of goals that fall within the five colors for tracking purposes. The five colors identify if the goal is at risk of falling behind the target date, on schedule to meet the target date, near completion, completed, and not recommended at this time or no longer necessary.



100% - completed

56% - 99% - accelerated/near completion

26% - 55% - on target/on schedule

0% - 25% - behind schedule/at risk

N/A - not recommended/not necessary

Each category includes a number of clearly-defined projects, objectives, outcomes, and/or tasks that are measurable and have target completion dates and identifies the responsible City Department(s). 

Staff will regularly update the Goals and Action Plan and the City Council will receive a report on Goal progress on a quarterly basis.

Click here to see the full list of City Council Goals.

FY 2021-22 City Council Goals Quarterly Updates

  1. 1st Quarter Status Update
  2. 2nd Quarter Status Update
  3. 3rd Quarter Status Update

Click the link below for the 1st Quarter Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Agenda Report status update as it was presented to City Council on September 21, 2021. 

1st Quarter Agenda Report

Mayor Alegria highlights some of the City Council Goals for FY2021-22 in the RPVtv "City Talk" July 2021 video below.