City Council Goals and Action Plan

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City Council recently approved updated 2019 City Council Goals.  This approval followed a rigorous draft process conducted by City Staff and the City Council Subcommittee consisting of Councilmembers Eric Alegria and Ken Dyda.

The 2019 Goals and Action Plan is divided into six major categories, each with a core goal. 

Public Safety:Maintain a high level of public safety with public engagement.
Infrastructure:Assess, prioritize & plan for the maintenance and improvement of all public infrastructures (including transportation systems, parking, utilities, storm drains and sewers).
City Land and Facilities:Assess, prioritize and plan for the maintenance and improvement of all City-owned properties.
Quality of Life:
Maintain and improve the quality of life for RPV residents.
Citizen Involvement & Public Outreach:
Engage residents and community partners in assisting the City Council, City Committee/Commissions and City Staff facilitate the decision-making process.
Government Efficiency & Transparency:
Ensure the City is maximizing the use of each tax dollar and optimizing service delivery to RPV residents.

Each category includes a number of clearly-defined projects, objectives, outcomes, and/or tasks that are measurable and have target completion dates and identifies the responsible City Department(s). 

For example the Public Safety Category includes a project to “Install and commission Phase 1 of Western Ave. ALPR camera project” by 9/30/2019 with the City Manager’s Office identified as the responsible Department.

Overall there are 48 individual projects in the Action Plan including a Trails Network Plan Update, Ladera Linda and Civic Center Master Plans, Landslide Feasibility Study-Construction Implementation, Short-term Rental Enforcement, and an Updated Fee Study.

Staff will regularly update the Goals and Action Plan and the City Council will receive a report on Goal progress at their second meeting each month.

Click here to see the full list of City Council Goals.