General Plan

On September 18, 2018, the City Council approved the updated 2018 General Plan, Land Use Map, and associated environmental document (Mitigated Negative Declaration). The General Plan is organized into separate chapters/elements, which are available to view/download below.

2018 General Plan (click here to view the entire document)

2018 General Plan Land Use Map

  1. 9/18/2018
  2. 4/26/2018
  3. Technical Studies
  4. 8/2/2016
  5. 5/10/2016
  6. 1/26/2016
  7. 12/8/2015
  8. 9/22/2015
  9. 8/11/2015
  10. 6/23/2015
  11. 4/14/2015
  12. 3/10/2015
  13. 2/24/2015
  14. 8/27/2013
  15. 7/23/2013
  16. Hazard Areas
  17. Active/Passive
  18. 6/14/2012

September 18, 2018 City Council Meeting

The City Council approved the updated General Plan and associated Land Use Map with certain edits to the document and amending the land use designation for Gateway Park as Passive-Recreation. 

Click here to view the Staff Report (scroll down to Public Hearings Item No. 1)

Click here to view the Public Notice

Since the April 26th meeting, Staff updated the General Plan and its associated environmental document to address public and City Council concerns. Below are the "clean" and "track change" versions of the General Plan document. 

Click here to view the General Plan (clean). Please ignore the Table of Contents in the clean version as the page numbers do not correspond at this time. Refer to the page numbers located at the bottom right corner of the document. 

  • Introduction - Page 7
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations - Page 18
  • Definitions - Page 22
  • Circulation Element - Page 28
  • Conservation & Open Space Element - Page 57
  • Social Services Element - Page 105
  • Fiscal Element - Page 114
  • Land Use Element - Page 130
  • Noise Element - Page 163
  • Safety Element - Page 179
  • Visual Resources Element - Page 227

Click here to view the General Plan (track change). The baseline text for the track change version is what was presented to the City Council at its April 26th meeting. Additional changes since that time are shown in track changes. 

Click here to view the Environmental Document

Click here to view the General Plan Land Use Map

Click here to view the Public Comments 


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