IT Projects

Quick Summary 

2018 - A new Land Management system was implemented, forming the basis for numerous public enhancements that will take places later in the year including an Online Permit, Code Enforcement and Business License portal, the capability of processing Electronic Plan Reviews, and a public mobile phone app..

A project is also underway to scan approximately 1.5 million permits, project and geology paper files, archiving them into a "California Trusted Systems" approved electronic archival system which will one day allow for the elimination or at least the reduction of paper documents and the associated storage.

2017 saw numerous business system implementations including the Cityworks asset management and Munis finance system, designed to enhance business processes and provide the public with a wide range of open government benefits.

2016 GIS services for the City were brought in house and staff, equipment and software set up to allow for a City maintained central database and the integration of assets into City business systems. 

2015 saw the beginning of internal business system implementations that will eventually bring online systems designed to ease public interaction with the City, as well as transparency, electronic data retention and mining, and disaster recovery and emergency operations plans.

2014 With the IT Upgrade project winding down, IT began preparations for the release of an IT Services Bid Solicitation that included assessments, security upgrades, a domain change and the new website and GIS upgrades.

2011, a project known as the "IT Upgrade" kicked off that included upgrades such as a Virtual Server Cluster, upgraded City staff computers and entering into Enterprise Licensing Agreements.


Fiscal Year 2017 through 2018 Project Updates

Last updated January 2018
  • Land Management System Upgrade - The Sungard Trakit system went live in January and will include an external public access portal, and will allow for electronic plan reviews.
  • NeoGov Applicant Management System implementation - IT and Human Resources are working on he implementation of the NeoGov/ application management system which is expected to simplify the recruitment process and to attract more qualified candidates. 
  • Scanning Project for Historical Permits and Plans - This project is underway and expected to complete mid year in 2018.  Designed to integrate into the City Trakit Land management and Laserfiche systems, the goal of this project is to ease the locating of plans and permits and to backup the City's historic documents.

Fiscal Year 2016 through 2017 Completed Projects

  • Cisco Unified Communications System Implementation - A project to replace the City's telephone system was recently completed that replaced all of the City's telephones, telephone and Unified Communications servers, and inbound calling circuits with a robust Cisco system with numerous new features and fail-over capabilities.
  • ALPR Camera Installation - Cameras have been installed at all major entrances to the Peninsula cities of Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills Estates and Rolling Hills in a joint effort led by the City of Rancho Palos Verdes.  A Phase 2 for several smaller streets is planned.
  • Fiber Optic Connectivity between facilities at City Hall, Hesse Park and Ryan Park - Park sites have been connected by Public Works, bringing internet access to Ryan Park, and adding Ryan and Hesse Parks into the City LAN segment.
  • Finance and Payroll System Upgrades - The Tyler Technologies "Munis" system was selected as a result of a GFOA RFP process and has been implemented by the finance department bringing a wide variety of business process and reporting improvements.
  • Cityworks System Implementation - Public Works Asset Management System implementation is implemented along with the Citysourced application to allow for the reporting or Service Requests and tracking of Work Orders completed by Public Works.
  • GIS System Upgrades - Public portal for interactive maps are now available by clicking the "GIS System" link to the left.
  • Server Systems Upgrades - The City's virtual server implemented in 2011 that consolidated the City's approximately 30 servers into a single cluster was at capacity, is ready for a server system upgrade, and had served its estimated life.
  • Hesse Park Equipment Upgrades - Projectors, individual council monitors, Granicus video streaming system and the broadcast equipment upgrade are all complete.  Completion of the Fiber Optic Connectivity will allow finalizing this project.
  • Capital improvement Project Ranking and Tracking System implementation - The Automashion CIPS system was implemented and is used by Public Works and the Infrastructure Management Advisory Committee to track and recommend CIP projects to City Council.

Fiscal Year 2015 through 2016 Completed Projects

  • IT Services RFP Project - Complete in July 2015, "Prosum" was selected as the ongoing services provider.
  • Website Migration - The new website went live in March 2015 and will be a continual upgrade project.
  • Domain Name and Email Change to @RPVCA.GOV - Completed in January 2015.
  • Video Streaming System Migration - "Granicus" Agenda management system was implemented in 2015.  City Council, Planning Commission and Advisory Board meetings back to 2000 are now integrated into a single "City Meeting & Agenda" portal accessible from the website home page.
  • GIS System Upgrades - The City ESRI GIS system was migrated from the previous services provider and the new Geocortex viewer was implemented in 2015.
  • Network Equipment Upgrade - An upgrade to the City switches, routers and firewall was completed in October 2015.
  • Granicus implementation - The City migrated from a custom video streaming solution to the Granicus Agenda Management and Video Streaming program.