What’s happening and why?

Since early Summer 2023, the City has seen a significant increase in land movement in the neighborhoods of Seaview, Portuguese Bend Beach Club (PBC), and Portuguese Bend Community Association (PBCA), which has resulted in roadway damage and the red-tagging of two homes on Dauntless Drive near Exultant Drive on June 30 and August 31. In these three neighborhoods, the City has also seen utility impacts, including broken water and gas distribution pipes, displaced sanitary sewer collection pipes, and leaning utility poles.

Recent land movement in these neighborhoods is due to their proximity to the complex of ancient landslides on the south side of the City, in particular the 240-acre Portuguese Bend Landslide. Increased movement has been observed elsewhere in the complex, including in the Portuguese Bend Reserve, a subarea of the City’s Palos Verdes Nature Preserve.

All the recent movement is believed to be primarily the result of heavy winter rainfall resulting in surface water percolating into the ground and lubricating the bentonite soil condition, since it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after the rainfall for the land to move. While the City continues to closely monitor the conditions and conduct inspections requested by property owners, no evacuations of homes in the area are needed at this time. 

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1. What’s happening and why?
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