What is the Portuguese Bend Landslide Remediation Project?

The Portuguese Bend Landslide Remediation Project would remove water trapped deep underground and prevent rainwater from entering the ground in the future. This would be achieved through a combination of the following project components:

  • Infilling fissures in the earth to prevent rainwater from entering the ground and contributing to movement
  • Creating a surface drainage system using materials reflective of the surrounding environment and planted with native vegetation to convey rainwater to the ocean and prevent it from percolating underground
  • Installing hydraugers (horizontal dewatering wells) to extract water trapped deep underground

The project has been modeled to reduce land movement to 1-2 inches per year and drastically reduce the threat of sudden movement that could result in the failure of Palos Verdes Drive South, a major road connecting the Peninsula and the City of Los Angeles. 

A Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project was released in February 2023 and a Final EIR that responds to public comments is being prepared, with completion expected in fall 2024 and construction as early as fall 2025. The City was recently selected as a candidate for $23.3 million in grant funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help slow the landslide. To complete the estimated $33 million project, the City is working to identify funding opportunities for about $10 million needed in non-federal matching funds from state and local representatives and agencies.

Read more about the Portuguese Bend Landslide Remediation Project.

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