Prevent Theft from Unlocked Vehicles

An unlocked vehicle is an easy target and it only takes seconds for a thief to grab what's in plain sight, check the usual hiding places for other items and get away. Preventing theft from unlocked vehicles requires the participation of all RPV residents.

In order to create awareness about this public safety issue, the City and the Lomita Sheriff's Station have created a safety report card "Look and Lock" as a means to connect with residents and provide additional information including tips to prevent theft from an unlocked vehicle.

What can You Do to Prevent Being a Victim? 

Practice these Auto Protection tips every day:

  1. ALWAYS lock all doors and close windows.
  2. REMOVE any valuable items in your car. If you must leave them in your car, put them in the trunk where they are out of sight.
  3. Park in locked garages if at all possible.
  4. Set an alarm or anti-theft device.
  5. REMOVE garage door remotes from vehicles.

Stay Informed & Connected

RPV residents are encouraged to sign up for public safety email and text notifications and select "Email and Text Notifications." Enter your email address and select the Public Safety list.

Be Involved and keep RPV Safe!

If you see suspicious activity, like someone looking into parked vehicle windows or trying door handles, report it to the Sheriff's Station at 310-539-1661 or 9-1-1 in an emergency.

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