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The online submittal system offers flexibility to applicants who submit engineering and construction documents for review with the City of Rancho Palos Verdes Building & Safety Division. In addition to enhancing customer service and communication, this online system offers financial benefits by reducing paper use, printing costs, driving time, and gasoline consumption.

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Why is Plan Checking Necessary?

Plan checking is the detailed City's review of construction drawings submitted by an applicant, to ensure that all applicable building codes are complied with, in order to ensure the health and safety of the occupants and the general public. Even though an applicant may have retained a reputable engineer, architect or other professional, the plans may not be in compliance with the code requirements used by the City. In this manner, the City can be assured of safety in all aspects of construction.

When is Plan Checking Necessary?

Any time construction is proposed, plans are required to be submitted. This could range from a simple partition wall or trellis, to a complete multi-story building. The length of time for plan checking is commensurate with the complexity of the plans and proposed construction. Thus, whenever plans are required to be submitted, plan checking will also be required.

Plan Check Requirements:

The first step, before doing anything else, is to check with the Planning Division to determine if a Precise Plan of Design approval is required for your construction project. In most cases, a Precise Plan of Design must be obtained from the Planning Division prior to any plan check submittal to the Building Division.

The following must be submitted at the time of filing:

1. Complete a building permit application for plan review.

2. All plan review fees, including building, electrical, fire sprinkler, mechanical, and plumbing. The approximate plan review turnaround time can be determined upon submittal. Plan review time may vary due to the complexity of the project and/or the volume of projects submitted previously.

(if applicable):

A. Soils Report ( Approved by The City Geologist Prior to Submittal )

B. Structural Calculations

C. Title 24 Energy Calculations

All drawings, structural and energy calculations are to be wet stamped and signed by the responsible discipline of record, architect and/or engineer. In addition, each drawing must contain the owner's name, address and phone number


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