Capital Improvement Plan

Developing a Capital Plan for the Future

Developing and maintaining infrastructure is one of the City's most important and critical responsibilities. It is important to all residents of the community to have safe streets to drive on, a functioning storm drain system, traffic signals, sidewalks and quality recreation spaces such as community centers and parks. These improvements can be very expensive, and there is a long list of competing needs throughout the City. The projects range from trail improvements, street improvements to building improvements, and the development of parks and athletic fields. With such a long list, and limited funding from year to year, it is important to have a plan in place that looks out to the future and provides a strategic approach to implementing these projects. This is the reason for developing a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP is a guide to efficiently allocate resources for improving and maintaining public infrastructure and facilities. Once developed, the CIP will serve as a 5-year road map for creating, maintaining, and funding present and future infrastructure requirements.

Infrastructure Plan

In 2008, the City Council established a goal in its tactical plan to identify infrastructure deficiencies and develop a plan to construct, renew, improve, and maintain the City's infrastructure and facilities. Since then, City staff has been working to identify all infrastructure needs and organize them into a draft plan. These needs have been identified over the years through the development of various documents such as the General Plan, Vision Plan, Public Use Master Plan, Pavement Management Plan, Storm Drain Master Plan and many others. The needs identified in these plans have been combined with others identified by staff, community members, and elected officials. A draft plan was presented to the City Council during the 2010 budget process. The City Council considered all of the proposed projects and available funding, and prioritized the projects into a 5-year plan. The plan is a dynamic document that will evolve to meet changing community needs, and it will be evaluated during the annual budget process.

For more information about the Rancho Palos Verdes CIP, please contact the Public Works Department, 310-544-5252, or via email.